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Full Psycle: Spinning Class on Steriods


During a recent visit to my sister in Orange County, we had decided to try Full Psycle. A few months ago, I met an instructor named Andrew Vo who was kind enough to fill in while Carmine (Equniox Downtown LA) was running late. I loved the few minutes that we taught the class that Larinna and I decided to try it out.

OMG. WOW. Amazeballs! This was one of the hardest classes I’ve ever taken. At one point, I thought I might puke but thank goodness I didn’t. We took a class with one of the Co-Founders Paul and he pushed us to our limits and welcomed us to class. I really loved the competition aspect of this class from the racing on teams to racing against my sister and other cyclists in the class. It was 45 minutes of non-stop cycling  burning a total of 620 calories. I’m always a sucker for emails that show my results and being able to measure them as a way to continue to improve my fitness. Looking forward to my next visit to Orange County and another Full Pscyle class! For more information about Full Pscyle, check out www.fullpsycle.com




RealRyder and Firebrand Sports! A New Cycling Experience

This past Summer, Matt and I had a very special trip planned to Oregon to visit the family cabin with my Dad abd StepMom. I’ve been looking forward to this tip for a while for a few reasons: This would be my first time hiking into the cabin, it’s not often I can make the trip to one of my favorites places I spent my Summers as a child and this place always has a special place in my heart that reminds me of my grandparents. Here are a few highlights of my trip.

Starting our hike bright and early!

Waterfall along the hike. It had rained a few days before but we were lucky enough to have a beautiful and dry hiking path

Hiking in
8,000 feet up and down the 8 mile hike

I never go anywhere without my Fitbit and love tracking my workout with my Polar heart rate monitor

Across the meadow at the Horse Ranch

Flying over the Minam River. Our trip into the cabin was a short 24 hours so we ended up flying out.

We spent the next few says in downtown Portland. Our first stop was The Picnic House. The dessert was delicious!

No vacation for me is ever complete without checking out my nearby gyms. I came across an amazing studio, Firebrand Sports owned by a local Angelino, Sarah. This was my first time on a RealRyder full-tilt spin bike. OMG it was amazing and truly a full body workout. I loved it so much I went both days in Portland. The gym was centrally located and the space was beautiful. The classes were inspiring and flew by! Before I knew it , the class was over and every muscle in my body was sore.

Words of wisdom

One of my favorite meals in Portland at Olympic Provisions. Pictured above is the pickled eggs and Spanish meat platter. An amazing meal!

We spent our last day touring the Pittock Mansion. Here’s a view from the house overlooking the city.

Can’t wait to go back to Portland and hoping to plan a trip soon.

Learning to Love Fitness: Tips to Succeed!


A lot of people have asked me how I was able to lose 25+ lbs and get in shape. This blog post is for my friends looking to lose those 10-20 lbs  they can’t seem to get rid of. Often times you read in magazines about the mom who couldn’t get rid of the baby weight or that girl who lost 100 lbs. If you’re like me, you don’t relate to these stories. Yes, they’re interesting and fascinating but it doesn’t provide me with any useful information. How can an average girl who can’t afford a nutritionist and trainer get in the best shape of her life??!!?? Here are a few of the rules I’ve learned to live by to keep myself in tip-top shape:

– Fitness is an experiment. Don’t be afraid to try new things and give up on those that don’t work. Just never give up yourself.

– Staying in shape isn’t always about losing weight. I go through different phases where sometimes I’m looking to maintain what I’ve already built upon, other times I want to build muscle. I take into consideration what my priorities are in life and base it off those

– The first step to getting in shape is deciding mentally to make a change. I told myself that I would wake up every morning to workout no matter what time I went to bed.  This has been the biggest motivator in keeping me on track. The ability to stick to a schedule and  know that fitness is a priority in life made it just as important as eating or sleeping, something I do everyday and never think twice about. I stopped fighting myself internally and knew it was always going to be a part of my routine. Build it into your schedule and you will never have a difficult time choosing.

– Find classes or workout routines you love. I used to hate going to the gym and viewed it as a chore. It’s now become my “happy place” and somewhere I looking forward to/consider my “treat” to belong to one of the nicest gyms in town. My personal favorites are OrangeTheory Fitness, PowerSerge and spin classes. It’s true what they say about Equinox, “It’s not fitness. It’s life”

– I look at fitness as a challenge and a game. If you’re competitive like me, then you can relate to this! I’m always trying to see how far I can push my body. It’s a great feeling knowing that you’re able to accomplish something if you put your mind and body to it! Set different goals each week and see what you’re able do it. You will surprise yourself

– Getting in shape is a process. I didn’t drop the weight overnight. I’ve had my good and bad days where I’ve skipped a class or overindulged on the birthday cake at the office. The most important part is consistency and change will happen! I always remind myself that tomorrow is a new day and a new opportunity to be my best and healthy self

– Moderation is key!!! I can’t stress this enough. I wasn’t able to get my eating habits under control until I finally realized and practiced this. Teaching and practicing saying no can be very difficult at first but the more you practice, the easier it gets! I’ve always thought that in order to be successful I’ve had to cut everything out of my diet, which only made me anti-social and miserable. Learning to balance healthy eating with a nibble or two of my favorite foods has helped me sustain this type of lifestyle

– Don’t eat when you’re stressed or bored. I have a tendency to do this often. I’ve found that keeping gum with me at all times helps me with those cravings. I realized that I  don’t really want something to eat, I just want something to chew on and keep my mouth busy

– Build a support network around you. I feel so lucky to have made some amazing friends at Equinox and OrangeTheory Fitness that have challenge and inspire me each and everyday. I look forward to seeing these people in class and sharing in the good and bad knowing they understand and can offer advice on getting through it all

– Lastly, set small goals. Maybe it’s going to the gym everyday or losing 1 lb a week. Whatever it is, just stick to it and that sense of accomplishment is contagious! You’ll be wondering what else you’re capable of doing!

– Sometimes when I need a dose of motivation, I pick up a book or read an article by one of my favorite celeb trainers (Jillian Michaels, Harley Pasternak, Tracy Anderson, Jackie Warner or my new favorite LORNA JANE) and I instantly feel energized.

Are you ready to kick some ass and whip that body into shape??!!??

One of my favorite moves in Sergio’s PowerSerge class


A typical Saturday at Equinox


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The BMW of Blow Dryers

T3 Featherweight 2 Hair Dryer

The ultimate blow drying machine! I’m always looking for easy ways to get my hair done while look acceptable for work. I’ve found this to be the best blow dryer! It not only smooths my cuticle but drys it in half the time. When I use the right products, I just need a quick touch up of my crown and bangs then I’m out the door. No one will ever know it took you less than 5 minutes to create that boho chic hair!

Powered by proprietary T3 Tourmaline and SoftAire technologies, the Featherweight 2 Dryer styles hair faster while allowing it to retain moisture for healthier, more beautiful results.

Features and benefits:

– Clinically proven to be healthier than air drying, with up to: 73% reduction in frizz, 86% increase in body, 19% increase in shine, 33% increase in comb-ability and 48% increase in style retention.

– SoftAire: Generates a greater volume of air and weaves through the dryer at the ideal heat and speed for faster and healthier drying.

– T3 Tourmaline®: Negative ions speed up drying while cancelling static and sealing cuticles for reduced frizz and enhanced shine.

– Long-life motor.

– Two speed settings, three heat settings and a cool shot option.

– Nine-foot cord wrap.

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Sneak Peek of PowerSerge Photo Shoot

A few weeks ago I was a part of Sergio’s PowerSerge photo shoot at a local Malibu beach. I’m generally quite shy in front of the camera. It was definitely a new experience for me that I’m thankful for Sergio including me in. The day turned out to be a lot of fun with some of my favorite people. Here’s a few photos from the day and I promise to post the final photos!

Sergio workin’ it

Theresa and Sarah, two of my favorite girls that always push me to my workout limits in class

Sergio and me

The girls: Kassandra, Brenda, Marinella and Lauren. Don’t they look amazing??!!??

That’s a wrap!

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Fab Finds at the Nordy’s Anniversary Sale

Every year I look forward to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! It’s a yearly tradition with my Mom and sister that we anxiously await the preview catalog, discuss everything we’re planning to get and pre-sale on the first day. My yearly Comic-Con trip forced me to wait until the convention was over. I finally had the chance to oogle all the goodies they had to offer. This year’s sale had some amazing deals. I ALWAYS love a good deal especially on fitness and beauty products since it’s not often I can get current season merchandise for a discounted rate. I’m looking forward to testing alllllllll of it out. Below are my top choices for this year’s sale:

My #1 pick: ASICS Gel 33 in Rainbow (note: neon eeekkkkk!!!!) My husband called these “mental” but these were love at first sight for me and I refused to leave without these in my hands!

Nike TR Fit 2 in Hot Punch

Nike Airmax 2012

Nike Knit Tank

Zella “Pop Statement” Tank

Zella Ruched Detail Jacket

Zella “Go” Shorts

Zella Gathered Tote


Burberry Lipgloss Set

Bobbi Brown Makeup Set

Sultra Curling Cone

If you can’t tell I’m probably the world’s hugest fan of the color purple! It’s clearly a popular color this season but just in case it’s not for you there’s plenty of other items that are not purple. Check out the pre-sale online now at Nordstrom.com or on the official start of the sale on Friday, July 20 for the latest and greatest Fall merchandise. Happy shopping!



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Prettier in Pink

For the past few months, my free time has been consumed with DIY arts and crafts and planning every detail of my sister’s bridal shower. I was prepared to create a swoon-worthy soiree fit for a sister who only deserves the best (not to mention loves NICE things). I started off with deciding on a kitchen and pink themed bridal shower. The invitations didn’t exactly scream “kitchen” event but I thought it was more important to choose an invitation I knew she would love and matched her perfectly!

Next, I decided that the look and feel would be very vintage/whimsical theme or as Larinna’s fiance’s sister, Sarah, would say, “very Taylor Swift”. I had decided on a soft shade of pink as the main color throughout with pink and grays accent colors.

Some of my DIY projects included ombre stamps on the doilies, spray painted silver butterflies, painted bird cages, ribbon walls, signs and much more!

The bride with her bridal shower guests

No bridal shower is complete without a well stocked candy and dessert bar, which in this case were pink!

Only pink presents and gifts allowed at this bridal shower!

Ribbon wall


The Maids!

At times, I had thought I had taken on too many projects and my plans were too grand but with the help of Jared’s family and mine, we were able to make everything come together just in time!

My extremely resourceful and talented husband helped me to create this slideshow of Jared and Larinna. You can check it out here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yfICnD2meQw.

In the end the bridal shower was a success and Larinna was thrilled!

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Rad Dad’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to my amazing who Dad has always inspired me to do what I love (including starting this blog), following my dreams and doing what makes me happy. He’s encouraged me to be myself and helped me to become the person I am today. I love you Dad and thanks for being you!




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Over 8 months ago I had started taking Buff Ballet Body at my nearby Equinox gym. When I first started taking the class, I wasn’t sure what to expect or if I would even enjoy the class. It had been around 10 years since I had taken any type of ballet class. Ballet shoes are not required for the class but I always prefer to wear them to get the best possible workout. I had been using ballet shoes that were a decade old and after realizing my love for this class, I thought it was time to upgrade to new ballet shoes.

Below was my criteria for new ballet shoes:


-split sole

-snug fitting

-Bloch or Capezio have always been my preference from the past

After some online research and heading to The Dance Store www.thedancestore.com in Los Angeles, where I was fitted properly and given a large selection, I fell in love with the latest Bloch Elastosplit. The shoes took a while to get used to since it allows the arch more freedom but definitely the easiest pair of shoes I’ve ever had to break in and provide an almost custom fit.

According to the Bloch website, “The “Elastosplit” is a cutting edge design; by removing unnecessary materials the dancer’s arch becomes more visible. The dancer’s foot is still supported and protected whilst looking incredibly streamlined. Elastosplit is available in the ‘X’ and ‘PI’ design, to give security and comfort to different foot shapes.”

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Hassling the Hoff!

During a not so typical day in the office, I had the opportunity to meet David Hasselhoff for a recent Lean Pockets shoot. I’m never sure what to expect while on set since it’s always a bit chaotic and unpredictable but it was definitely the most fun I’ve ever had. There was no shortage of photo opportunities throughout the day. Below are some highlights of the day!

Chic blank panther statue

My adorable new friend

Official Hoffwatch jacket with an autographed Hasselhoff banana!

My job includes many unique responsibilities such as Food Stylist

David Hasselhoff posing for photos

On my way out, a crew member brought by his replica car of K.I.T.T. from Knight Rider. I just HAD to check it out. O.M.G. it was awesome!

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I Know It’s Hard to Achieve, But Can’t a Girl Believe?

Your fitness goals, I mean! A lot of people ask me how I stay motivated and what’s my secret. Here’s are some tips on how I stay on track and rules I live by that have served me well.

1. You will never regret going to the gym or squeezing in a good workout. This is the number one tip I always tell everyone when they say they don’t want to go to the gym and I’ve noticed it really gives people the motivation to follow through

2. Set realistic goals. Whether it’s an upcoming trip with your girlfriends, the thought of Summer being here before you know it or for health reasons, having something to look forward to will help you make baby steps and feel like it’s possible!

3. Know your weaknesses and how to overcome them. Getting up in the morning can be difficult for me so every night I pack my gym bag and lunch, set out my workout clothes for the next day and make sure that I get 7 hours of sleep so I’m ready to go when my alarm wakes me up

4. Find classes you enjoy and you will never feel like working out is a chore. I’ve fallen in love with Equinox and their amenities. I also enjoy their challenging classes so when I enter the gym, it’s my happy place that I always look forward to going

5. Make friends! Having a support system at the gym and holds you accountable and one more reason to be social

6. Your fitness should be a priority. I treat my workout classes like a second job and my #1 personal commitment to myself

7. Stick to a schedule. This mentally reinforces your commitment to your fitness goals. Knowing that I have workout classes every morning, even on the weekends helps me plan accordingly. I never schedule anything on Tuesday nights knowing that I have Buff Ballet Body that night

8. Your body is a science experiment. No one is perfect and if you splurge one day then tomorrow is a new day to start over. Know that you can always try new things to keep yourself from getting bored and what’s most important is figuring out what’s best for you. Everyone is unique so try and explore new classes, different times to workout and foods you may not normally eat

9. Deciding you want to make a change in your life. Getting in shape, eating healthy and putting in the time is the first step to success. Fitness is a life-long journey that requires hard work mentally and physically

10. Keep track of your accomplishments. This will remind you how far you’ve come on days when you feel defeated or unmotivated

11. Proper workout attire. Wearing the right clothes and shoes will not only keep you from injuring yourself but also help you perform your best. As silly as it may sound, I look forward to getting dressed in my hot pink workout capris

With summer just around the corner, a reminder that I’ll be wearing a bikini soon is a BIG motivator for me!

My yearly trips to Hawaii are a goal to start getting into shape ASAP!

My sister is a great support system when I’m feeling overwhelmed with trying to reach my fitness goals. She reminds me of how far we’ve come and we make a new plan on how to achieve my goals

Halloween is one of my favorite reasons to celebrate in silly, outrageous costumes! What better reason than to be able to wear whatever you want on Halloween!

Any tips that help you stay on track? You ready to make a positive change in your life?

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Pumped Up Workout Kicks

A fitness-loving girl’s best friend are her workout shoes of course! Searching for the perfect fitting workout shoes has been a long journey for me. I’m in love with a store called Road Runner Sports and it turns out the 5th time was the charm. Their customer service is amazing and I don’t feel like they’re trying to sell my a shoe just to make a commission. They also took the time to pull out every single shoe I asked about and to answer every question. I have 99 problems with my feet and finding a shoe that addresses them all was a miracle.

I started off with creating custom insoles by Foot Balance to give my feet more support. After trying these for the first time, I’ll never wear workout shoes without them.

I ended up choosing top of the line Asics, GEL-Kinsei 4. It helped that they came in my favorite colors (purple and gray). The special cleat-like heel helped to cup my narrow heel. The gel in the heels provided cushioning and support for my high-impact training classes. The memory foam inside the shoe provided comfort and felt like I was running on pillows. Lastly, the plastic molding that holds the heel and toe together allowed to keep my foot stable and from moving around. I never leave the house without these when I’m going on a work trip or going to be on my feet all way. I’m onto my second pair and am glad they have come out with my second favorite colors (purple and black). They’re a bit flashier than my first pair but definitely fit my personality and style. I also forgot to mention, though they look bulky that’s farther from the truth with a weight of 11.9 ounces.

About Asics Gel-Kinsel 4 from AsicsAmerica.com:

With a roomy toe-box, lower midsole, and discrete GEL® Cushioning System in the heel, this veteran is better than ever.

  • Impact Guidance System (I.G.S.®)
    ASICS® design philosophy that employs linked componentry to enhance the foot’s natural gait from heel strike to toe-off.
  • Guidance Line®
    Vertical flex groove decouples the tooling along the line of progression for enhanced gait efficiency.
  • Heel Clutching System™
    Exoskeletal heel counter provides improved support and creates improved heel fitting environment.
  • Discrete Heel Unit
    Takes the Impact Guidance System (I.G.S.®) to a new level by creating our highest degree of shock attenuation and stability.
  • Propulsion Trusstic®
    Mimics connective tissue in the foot by creating tension as foot enters propulsion stage.
  • Cuprothermo
    Metallic film that retains heat in cold weather and releases heat in warm weather

If you haven’t taken the opportunity to try on a pair of Asics, then you’re missing out! Go to your local store and try on a pair. Due to these very high-tech shoes, they’re only available at specialty stores but overall, I can confidently say their shoes fit me better than any other on the market and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Give your feet the support they need to perform at your very best!

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Behind the Scenes: PowerSerge Fitness Videos

I always enjoy working out at Equinox for a variety reasons, one of them mainly is due to a very talented and amazing fitness instructor, Sergio Carbajal. He teaches a variety of classes which incorporate his PowerSerge fitness technique and philosophy. Since taking his class, I’ve become more flexible, gained muscle, strengthened my core/abs and started to get that long and lean dancer’s body. If you’re looking for a challenging all-in-one class to kick your butt into shape, then this is your class! Sounds like a dream come true right? IT IS!

I was honored when Sergio asked to be a part of his PowerSerge fitness videos. I’m a devoted follower of his workouts (note: addicted). I quickly said yes and was very excited to share his amazing class with the world. Below are some highlights from the filming of the video

Cardio with weighted rubber balls

ViPR (weighted rubber tubes)

Push ups! Sergio never forgets to include push ups in EVERY class.

More to come and I’ll be sure to share the video when it’s available. If you’re interested in attending one of Sergio’s classes, I’m happy to bring you as a guest! Just a warning: you may get addicted and will definitely be sore!

For more information about his workout classes, you can also visit http://sergiocarbajal.com.


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Welcome to Kansas!

I headed to Manhattan, Kansas for a work trip. Below are some highlights of my favorite things!

View from the helicopter of a crop square. Having never flown in a helicopter, especially with the doors off, it was definitely a career highlight and exhilarating experience.

Saw some horses while driving around. I’m a sucker for animals, especially horses.

Butterfinger! Need I say more?

Took a trip around the beautiful Kansas State campus. Wish I went to a school like this.

Old Kansas State Stadium

Overall, a quick trip but filled with lots of fun! I didn’t know what to expect but can’t wait to visit again.


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Nike Training Club Launch Party

I was shopping for jewelry one weekend for my wedding and had the opportunity to meet the OC Nike EKIN, Tivoli Parker. Tivoli was an acquaintance through my sister and had mistaken me for Larinna. Lucky me! Tivoli and I had a short conversation about our love for Nike and fitness and we went our separate ways. After a few months and Larinna’s recent meet up with Tivoli, I was invited to the Nike Training Club Launch Party at The Montalban. Being a Nike and fitness lover, I was humbled that Tivoli thought to invite me and excited about this opportunity. Definitely a must-attend event! I brought my work husband, Steven, and headed over a great workout and lots of fun! To top it all off, Nike Master Trainer and Nike Training Club app creator Marie Purvis taught the class! I’m always such a sucker for well-known and respected people in the fitness industry. Below are highlights from the event:

Montalban Rooftop

Steven and I (my fitness buddy who always keeps me on track)

Marie and I (of course she’s decked out in the latest Peach and Gray collection from head-to-toe)

Thank you Marie and Tivoli for great workout and fun event! For those of you who haven’t had a chance to check it the Nike Training Club, stop by The Montalban every Thursday night or any Nike participating location for a FREE and challenging workout to get you in shape! For more information, check out www.Facebook.com/NTCLA or niketrainingclub@gmail.com.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all my wonderful friends and family! Wishing you a day full of happiness and love!


My bridesmaids: Amelia, Allison, Anne, Larinna, Tamara, Charuma, Dell and Desiree


Matt my “forever roomate”

My dear friend Anne Lowery created this video of her loved ones and it’s a reminder to celebrate the people you love each and every day, not just on Valentine’s Day. Thanks Anne for including me in your video! You are too sweet and I’m thankful for all the experiences we’re shared and the many more we have ahead of us!

Valentine’s Day Message From Anne Lowery

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PowerSerge: LA’s Hottest Workout and Best Kept Secret

Sergio Carbajal, known in my household as my “gym boyfriend” since the only other man I see more than him is my husband, and creator of the unique workout PowerSerge took time from his busy schedule to share with me more about his amazing workout program.

Earlier this year Sergio had asked some of his students to be a part of his promo video. How could I say no to this handsome man that whipped me into the best shape of my life! It was of course an honor to be a part of it and I’m excited to share it with you here!

Since I met Sergio, he has always been an inspiration in helping me to achieve my full potential and constant encouragement. He’s a kind-hearted person who truly cares about his students and takes the time to teach and correct their form. From the first day I took his class, he scared the crap out of me, but his brutally honest and positive reinforcement kept me coming back and pushing my body harder each time! I recently asked him to share some his tips and secrets to staying in shape and how we created my favorite workout class!

Q: Tell me about your fitness background?

A: I have been in fitness my whole life. I grew up with great visuals and examples such as my dad, who was a boxer and trained extensively with weights. I also ran track in school and have danced professionally with many amazing celebrities on tours, TV, and films. My extensive training in gymnastics and kickboxing have allowed me to always be open to learning new ways to grow as a fitness professional! 

Q: What’s your favorite outdoor activity to get in shape?

A: Training clients and group fitness is very demanding and I love doing most of the workout along with my students in class. I’ve recently started running, which has become my favorite outdoor activity. I spend this personal time listening to my favorite music, focusing on myself while taking in the quiet and the beauty we so often seem to miss while driving the busy streets of LA!

Q: In your opinion, what’s the secret and success to staying in shape?

A: Find a workout that challenges and motivates you every time you are in the gym. For that hour, kill it and push your body to the limits. Stop wasting time and taking up space at the gym!

Q: Now, let’s get down to business. What inspired you to create PowerSerge? 

A: I didn’t want to teach the usual sculpting class or someone else’s method! With my extensive and diverse background, I knew I could come up with a program that is constantly challenging. My workout is a calorie-burning workout and focuses on movements that create long, lean muscle. I have yet to see any other workout as different and unique as PowerSerge!

Coming from a professional dancer background and understanding the importance of warming up your muscles, I always begin my class with this a short warm-up. I slowly increase the intensity and include stretching exercises throughout the class. The next portion of the class includes 3 to 5 lb weighted balls. I’ve recently incorporated the ViPR (weighted rubber tube) for the men in my classes. I love the ViPR, it such a great workout tool! Towards the end of class, I use the weighted body bar for basic ballet sculpting movements, isolations and extensions. This also encourages my students to learn how to move a little more fluid fashion, which is something they are not usually taught in a sculpting class. Finally, I wrap-up arms and abs – this is a must! I never skip working out the abs since it’s an important part of working out the core.

Q: What’s your one favorite/most effective workout move to achieve results?

A: When I’m working out, my personal favorite exercise move is something I created on the bars, which is demonstrated in the promo video. It’s a combination between wipers and flairs. When I’m teaching class, I love the oblique twist, which is done with the ball or ViPR- these will shred your abs and core up!

Q: Any favorite songs that are must-haves in class?

A: I always stick to music that is popular and fast-paced. People’s moods instantly change when they recognize a song and can sing along, like many of my students do. It enhances their workout and experience in my class.

Q: Any tips on how to stay motivated?

A: Staying motivated for many people is very difficult! People have to mentally decide to make a change in their body and health. The best advice I give to clients is to bring their favorite songs to workout with and find classes like PowerSerge that are fun and get you in shape! I also like to be brutally honest with my students and clients, but with a sense of humor. I hit them with the truth because I don’t like to sugar coat things. I lay it on THICK followed by a joke to lighten the mood! For most people, it’s a rude awakening but I see an instant but positive change in people’s work ethic and attitude when they come to my class! They know they’re coming to my class for a hard workout and I expect nothing less than their very best effort. I’m here to change people’s bodies and perception of working out and it’s not always easy.

Q: Any tips on getting the most out of each cardio session?

A: Most people in the fitness industry will just advise to do a continuous fast paced workout and go for the big sweat. I disagree! Every cardio set has to be better than the last, making your cardio sets Anaerobic. This will shock your system into the next gear and allow you to continue to build upon your current fitness level! You have train like an animal in your workouts and continue to build upon that good feeling of hard work and accomplishment. If you stay at the same pace throughout your cardio routine, you are going to bore your body to death! You might as well get on a treadmill, which I call “hamster wheel.”  If you insist on using the treadmill, make sure to change it up with intense intervals.